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My “Stained Glass” Scrap Afghan

Okay, I have to be honest, I am proud of this afghan!  It turned out so much better than I anticipated when I started it.  I had such a strange conglomeration of colors that I was concerned it would look like a mess.  Happily, the black yarn offers enough division to keep the colors from running together and to really make them pop.  I had to go out and buy 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in black.  The remainder of the yarn scraps were all either worsted acrylic or wool. ( I know, I know, I shouldn’t have mixed them but I wanted to use up those scraps!)  I also ended up doubling the Caron Simply Soft because it was too thin.  I cut the individual colors after I was finished with them but I carried the black yarn along the side and then simply crocheted over it when making the edging.  The other yarn tails all had to be woven into the work but in the end I believe it was worth the trouble.   This is one beautiful afghan!   Oh, the pattern is here.  Obviously, Kim Guzman only used two colors when making her version but you can actually use any colors you like.


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Happy Birthday Crochetville!

Happy Birthday Crochetville!

Before Ravelry there was Crochetville and Crochetville has just turned 8 years old!  I joined this forum in 2005 as Roli and have been an avid member of the ‘ville family for the past 7 years.  In the beginning, there was a small group of crochet enthusiasts discussing everything from how to make a post stitch to which yarn store has the best inventory. The “Show and Tell” section was always the most popular with members proudly posting photos of their finished projects.  I can still remember how all of us learned the mechanics of how to negotiate the different sections of the forum, how to resize our photos, and how to recognize each other from our avatars.

One of the most compelling aspects of Crochetville was the amazing range of talent that was displayed day after day.  From beginners to professional designers, we were treated to an array of ideas and creative projects not found anywhere else on the internet in those days.  I was able to literally sit in my armchair and follow the budding careers of The Crochet Dude ( Drew Embrosky), Kim Guzman, The Double Stitch Twins, and many others.  They began by posting ideas, designs, an announcements on Crochetville and we all avidly cheered them on.  Soon we also had the good fortune to be the first to see some of the designs of folks who made crochet hooks, spun yarn, and provided all the gadgets and gee-gaws that make up the world of crochet.

When you come to Crochetville you come to relax.  You can browse the categories to your heart’s content, perhaps stopping to join a Crochet Along (CAL),  or to add your name to a list of ROAKs  (Random acts of kindness).  If you are interested in charity crochet, Crochetville has all the sources.  If you want to learn a new stitch or try a free pattern, all you have to do is scroll through the categories and you will have everything at your fingertips.  There’s no limit to the wealth of information available to you.

Donna and Amy are the “parents” of Crochetville and have seen to its administration since its inception.  As the forum has grown, they have repeatedly increased bandwidth and streamlined the format. Occasionally, new rules went into effect.  Crochetville is, above all, a friendly place. The rules ensure that it remains this way.  Sometimes the only way to understand what is needed is through trial and error.  Some ideas have been tried and then scrapped but the forum that you see today is just about as good as any meeting place on-line can be. I encourage you to visit and to become a member. Join the villagers that have come to be like family!

Scrap Afghan in Progress

Stained Glass Scrap Afghan

While there are many scrap projects out there, my favorite has always been the “stained glass” way of using up extra yarn.  By putting black accents between the various colors, you are not only setting off the colors and making them pop, but you are also able to combine colors that would not normally go well together.  I had such a conglomeration of darks, lights, and brights that any other design would have looked like a mish-mash. But as you can see, this afghan will go with just about any decor.  I intend to keep it in the guest room once it is finished.  I’m actually working out of a big tub since I have so many skeins of yarn.  Oh, how I dread weaving in all those ends!  Those of you interested in the pattern, it is called the Streamwave Throw and you can find it here.

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