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These are some of the tools I use most often when I crochet.  The calculator is a must when trying to figure out stitch and row counts for a garment.  The little blue tubes are cushions for your crochet  hook.  They come in different sizes and I picked these up at Michael’s.  I have a box of stitch markers and a box of claw barrettes.  I use the claw barrettes to hold my pieces together before sewing.  Another box holds the hooks I use most often.  I’ve found that a row counter can be quite handy when making tops or sweaters.  The little metal ruler on the bottom left is a stitch gauge.  You can slide the metal pointer to the 4″ mark and measure the stitches that fall into that range–very nifty.  And of course, I use my little stork scissors and a pen and paper for notes.  You’ll notice the pretty tins that hold some of my supplies.  These came from Brighton, the jewelry people.  Every time I buy a piece of Brighton, I save the tins.  In the photo below, you’ll see all my supplies in a small carry-all.  This carry-all has many compartments and helps me to keep my chair-side table from looking too cluttered.

Tool Caddy

Tool Caddy


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