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Is Knitting in my Future?

My First Attempt

When I saw that Kim Kuzman  was giving on-line knitting classes over at Crochetville, I decided to sign up. I had tried my hand at knitting many times previously and always gave up.  Somehow it seemed that I had a mental block against this craft.  I bought books, watched videos, and even took lessons from Lisa Gentry at one of the CGOA Chain Link Conferences, all to no avail

When I sat down at my computer yesterday and tried my first row, I was all thumbs. Casting my work aside, I immediately gave up and complained to my husband about how inept I was.  He agreed that I seemed to have a strong resistance to learning how to knit.  Later on that evening I steeled myself and tried again.  Eurika! I managed to make the small swatch pictured above.  I know, I know, it’s really awful.  I’m having a big problem with yarn splitting, tension, and dropped stitches, but I think I’ve finally overcome my aversion to knitting!

We’ll see what the next week brings. My goal is to learn how to make ribbed knit cuffs for my crochet sweaters. Who knows, maybe from there I can actually learn how to knit the whole sweater!  I’m not striking this off my bucket list yet–it’s too soon to see if I will actually stick with it.  But at least I’m on my way!

Neck Cozy Project

Having just completed the No Bobble “Bobble” Scarf, I became curious about how that “faux bobble” stitch would translate into a solid color yarn.  I still had several skeins of the Purelife DK yarn left over that I had used to make the Alder Buckthorn Fitted Jacket.  An hour with my crochet hooks convinced me that size K was the right hook to use for my new project.  The resulting fabric was lightweight and airy.  The “bobble” texture from the scarf I had made previously was not really in evidence here.  This time, the stitch looked more like layer upon layer of petals.  Cascading petals seemed perfect for a little round neck cozy with overlapping collar.  I’ve never been a person who enjoys keeping yarn stash ( I get tired of looking at it by the time I figure out a project!) so I grabbed those remaining Purelife skeins and got to work.  The end result is as pictured below.  Now I just need some time to write up the pattern.  Stay tuned!


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