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Crochet and More Crochet

Dressed-Up Wine Bottle

Quick!  Where’s that wine bottle bag that I’ve been stashing in my bag ‘o bags?  Of course, it’s never there when you need it!  Reynolds Saucy Sport in black, and a couple of wooden beads to the rescue!

Materials: 1 skein Reynolds Saucy Sport Cotton,50 grams, 123 yds, or any sport-weight cotton yarn, Size G (5.00) crochet Hook, Yarn Needle, 2 large beads

Ro 1:            Ch 4, 11 dc into 4th ch fr hook, join with a sl st to 3rd ch of 1st ch 4.

Ro 2:            Ch 2, dc into join, 2 dc into ea st around to 1st ch 2. Join. (24 dc)

Ro 3:            Ch 3,  dc in join,  1 dc in next dc, *2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next dc**  Repeat from * to ** around to 1st ch 3, join. (36 dc)

Ro 4:            *Ch 3, sk 2 sts, sc in next st**  Repeat from * to ** around to beginning. Do not join.

Ro 5: to end:  *Ch 3, sc in next 3 ch sp** Repeat from * to ** around for length of bottle to neck.

Collar:           *Ch 3, work 5 dc in next 3 ch sp, sl st into next sc** repeat from * to ** to end of round. Fasten off, weave in tail.

I- cord:   Ch 76, sl st in 2nd ch fron hook and ea ch across. Fasten off. Weave in tails.

Thread I- cord  through mesh at neck and sew beads onto ends of cord.

This project took me about an hour to make.

Copyright Carol Wolf, March 2012

Design Dilemma Solved

It’s funny how inspiration comes in so many different forms. Sometimes I can just look at a piece of fabric or an item of clothing in a department store and be instantly inspired to crochet a very specific thing. I imagine the finished product with the proper yarn, hook, and embellishments.   More often, though, I am intrigued by shapes.  Those of you who follow Wolf Crochet know that I am all about modular and unstructured clothing.  I love the idea that a piece of fabric can be square or circular and still drape over the human body in an attractive way.

Which brings me to the present situation.  I have this beautiful Tempo yarn for which I spent $80  despite the sale. The nature of the yarn is such that the resulting fabric must be open, airy and very draped.  I’ve investigated all manner of available patterns on Ravelry and Crochet Pattern Central.  All the Tempo projects on Ravelry are densely worked. I  have even set my hand to the Blue Waves Vest.  Although this pattern is gorgeous despite the blue yarn, it’s something best left for another time. Somehow I was not loving any of it.

After swatching the heck out of this yarn I’ve come to the conclusion that the lacy patterns are either too stiff on a small hook or too holey on a large one.  My last resort was a plain half-double crochet stitch using a big hook (L).  This finally did the trick. Turned sideways, the half-double crochet looks almost like a small trellis pattern and it drapes beautifully.  The construction will be modular, just two long scarf-like strips joined together and flung over the shoulders. Openings left for the head and arms–maybe open in front, maybe not; we’ll see.  I want something that can be worn loosely over a T-shirt in the spring and summer without feeling like a full-fledged sweater. The photo below doesn’t do this yarn justice.

What to do with Green Baby Yarn?

My dear mother-in-law, who will be 90 years old in July, makes baby blankets for Project Linus. Her blankets are beautiful and have been featured in the art showcase at Oak Crest Village. She keeps a scrapbook filled with photos of the babies who have received her blankets along with letters of thanks from the parents.  Every so often I place a large order with Hersschners and she gets a big box of yarn in the mail.  Somehow, I never noticed that she wasn’t making blankets with the pastel green. When I was at her apartment today I discovered at least 6 skeins of green baby yarn squirreled away.  She begged me to take it off her hands.  Now those of you who know me, know that I do not make baby clothes. Somehow, I just don’t like fiddling with the tiny pieces.  In addition, I don’t know a single baby!  I’m thinking of using this yarn for charity crochet, chemo caps, shawls, etc.  I just hope that the color will not be too far out.  Any comments?


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