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Hat in the Ring

A Little Air Up Here Please!

Okay, another hat.  But this one has a bonus!  Instead of sweltering under the hot summer sun with the hair under your hat getting damper by the minute, you can enjoy air-conditioned comfort with this little number.  I used 11 plastic rings and crocheted around them, then joined them together into a ring.  This “ring of rings” measures exactly 11″ around.  If you need a bit more, you can loosen the joining stitches slightly by leaving a little space between each ring as you join them together.  The shape here is of a bucket.  If you prefer, you can tip the brim up for a more traditional  sun hat look.  As with Mein Hut, this hat is worked holding two strands of yarn together for stability.  This pattern is written for a  21″ head but is a tiny bit snug in the ring area.

Hat In The Ring  PDF Pattern


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Mein Hut

Mein Hut (My Hat)

Spring is here and it is time to consider the sun hat. Thanks to my wonderful dermatologist, I am now an avid user of RetinA, a skin cream that minimizes wrinkles and completely replaces your old skin cells. It actually repairs sun damage and makes your face look smoother and younger. RetinA also makes skin more sensitive to the sun so I must now disgard my old habit of letting my face acquire a tan in the summer.

My little hat started out as the Elegant Hat by Kim Guzman. I had a problem hitting gauge on this pattern because my stitches are always very short in height so my row gauge was way off.  When you are making a hat, you must be sure to hit gauge on rows as well as on stitches per inch.  After some consultation with Kim about the gauge, I decided to postpone making this pattern until I had worked out the gauge issues.  I think that I will eventually end up making the hat in half-double crochet instead of single crochet.

But this left me without a hat to make. So as with most things crochet, I decided to make my own pattern.  I switched from Caron Simply Soft to a silk/cotton blend that I had on hand from another project.  This yarn is very sturdy and makes a fine hat.  I also decided to double my strands so that I’d have a stiff hat, not one that is soft and floppy.  The hat band functions somewhat as a size-adjuster.  You can tighten it slightly to take the hat from a size 21″ to 22  without wrinkling the fabric. You can still fold this hat up and put it into your tote or backpack.  If you cannot get the yarn that I used in the pattern, I would recommend a nice stiff  cotton such as Reynolds Saucy Sport.  You will also be starting your hat with a magic circle.  This is an easy little technique to use when you are working in the round.  If you prefer your method, then by all means, use that.

Mein Hut b  PDF Pattern


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Men’s Bike Chain Hat and Scarf


I developed a stitch recently that I have been using in designing a car coat.  I am sure that this stitch is not original but I have decided to call it the “bike chain pattern”.  My car coat is about half finished but it will take me some time yet to get it just right.  In the meantime, I thought I’d make up a scarf and hat for Paul.  This pattern is very rugged looking and is perfect for any male accessories.  The texture traps air and makes for a particularly warm garment.  I used Paton’s Classic Wool in dark grey because I happened to have a few skeins hanging around and it went well with the bike chain theme.  In addition, this is a very easy pattern to do.  It only took me four evenings to make both the hat and the scarf.  Alternately, this set would work well for the ladies too.  A bright color yarn will really make those textured stitches stand out!


Bike Chain Hat

This hat looks flat in the photo but it actually comes down to cover the ears.

Measurements: Will fit head circimference 22″ to 26″  Materials: About 223 yards of worsted weight yarn.  I used  one skein of Paton’s Classic Wool in dark grey, Crochet hook size I, yarn needle.  Gauge: In pattern, 14 sts and 15 rows equal 4″.


Chain 5.  Join into a ring with a sl st in first ch.  Ch 2, ch2 counts as a st throughout 15 dc into ring.  Join with a sl st into 2nd ch of beginning ch2. Ch1, turn.

Round 2:     Sc into same st as joining. *Front post single crochet ( fpsc) around post of next dc, sc into top of next dc* and work from * to * around until 16 sts have been worked. Join with a sl st to first sc. Ch 2, turn. Mark this side as the right side.

Round 3:     2 dc  in 1st sc and into ea sc around. Join with a sl st to 1st dc. Ch 1, turn. (32 dc)

Round 4:     Sc into first dc, *fpsc into next dc, sc into top of next dc* and work from * to * around until 32 sc have been worked , join with a sl st, ch2, turn.

Round 5:      Dc in 1st sc, * 2 dc into next sc, dc into next sc*, around until 48 dc have been worked.  Join, ch 1, turn.

Round 6:     Sc into 1st dc, *fpsc into next dc, sc into next dc*, work from * to * around. Join, ch 2, turn.

Round 7:     Dc in first 2 sc, *2 dc in next sc,  dc in next 2 sc* around until you have worked 64 dc. Join, ch 1, turn.

Round 8:     Work round 6.

Round 9:     Work a double crochet round by placing 2 dc into each 4th st. Join, ch 1, turn. (80 dc)

Round 10 through round 25: Work even on 80 stitches by alternating the (sc, fpsc,sc, etc) round and the dc round,  End with the dc row.

Hat Band

Round 1:     Sc into back loops only of ea dc around. Join, ch 2, turn.

Round 2:     Dc into both loops of ea st around, join, ch 1. Do not turn.

Round 3:     Work  round 6 from crown.

Work 5 more rounds, alternating dc and sc rounds. Fasten off. Weave in ends.


Bike Chain Scarf

Measurements: 54″ x 7″

Materials:  About 340 yards of worsted weight yarn.  I used 1.5 skeins of  Paton’s Classic Wool in dark grey. Crochet hook size I, yarn needle. Gauge: In pattern, 14 sts and 15 rows equal 4″

The ch 2 at the beginning of ea row counts as a stitch throughout pattern.

Ch 193. Dc into 2nd ch from hook and into ea ch across.  Ch 1, turn. (191 dc)

Row 2:     Sc into1st dc, *front post sc ( fpsc) around post of next dc, sc into top of next dc* across row to last 2 dc. Fpsc around next dc, sc into top of tc. Ch 2, turn.

Row 3:     Dc into ea st across.  Ch 1, turn.

Rows 4- 21 ( or until scarf measures about 7″) repeat rows 2 and 3 ending with row 2. Fasten off.

Attach yarn on wrong side of first dc row of scarf. Work row 2 across. Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

Because the nature of this pattern causes the fabric to slant slightly, I blocked it by pinning it to shape and misting it lightly with water.  Dry overnight.

Copyright Carol Wolf, September 2010


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