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Snowy Day WIPs

There’s nothing like a snow day to help you make some headway on those works in progress.  The Gold Nugget Tweed Throw is worked with Red Heart Fiesta.  This yarn has beautiful flecks of jewel-toned colors throughout.  The pattern calls for black Fiesta with additional skeins of solid black, off-white and honey in Red Heart Soft.  My living room colors are mainly browns and golds so I swapped out the black skeins for brown combinations.  The throw is already stunning.  It works up very easily but there are lots of ends to weave in so I’m doing that as I go along.

Melissa Leapman is a great crochet designer.  Her patterns never fail to be classy and classic at the same time.  Her instructions are easy to follow.  She avoids phrases like the dreaded ” work right side like left side, reversing shaping”.  Instead, she give detailed instruction for each side of a sweater.  Her Apres Ski Sweater pattern published in the most recent issue of Crochet Today is one example of her timeless style.  As I was reading over the pattern, however, I noticed that the shaping is a bit unusual.  She has the waist area larger than the hip area.  Knowing in advance that this will be a huge no-no for me, I altered the pattern to include a little decreasing in the waist.  I kept the bust and hip measurement  the same. 

Red Heart Eco Ways yarn is made with recycled polyester and acrylic.  I like to be able to machine wash my sweaters so I tend to favor synthetic yarns.  The Cinnabar color of Eco Ways contains little flecks of undyed fibers.  This appears a lot like lint in the sweater as you work the project.  It’s not enough to give a tweed look but just enough to make it look like you washed it with a terry cloth towel.  I don’t know if this is normal for this yarn or is just happening with the color I chose.  I don’t really like this effect.  Maybe some of you who have used this yarn will tell me if you have had the same problem.


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