Canary Yellow Mohair

30 Sep

Yellow MohairA few years ago a dear friend gifted me  some beautiful yellow mohair, a half -finished knitted sweater, and all kinds of stitch holders and knitting needles.  Because we spent most of our time in warm climates, I had put the yarn into my stash.  Now that we are going to winter in Pennsylvania, I decided to  work up a project using the mohair.  Alas, I haven’t learned to knit so I unraveled the half-finished sweater.  I ended up with enough yarn to make two projects.

My first project  is the One-Stitch Sweater.   Because the neckline looked a bit plain to me, I worked several rows of front and back post stitches around the edge until I ended up with a turtleneck collar.  I also left the last few inches of side seam free to make vents at the bottom.  This pattern is one of my favorites and I’ve made several versions of it over the years.  I love the way the sleeves grow from the body, cutting down on the amount of seaming that has to be done in the end.  I’ve almost finished it.  All I need are a few buttons.  Stay tuned for the end result…

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